Limitations of Rebuilding
Unfortunately, we do have a few limitations and cannot
presently rebuild a couple of types of balancers due to their

"Sandwich" type balancers, which are constructed with layers of
sheet metal bonded with rubber and sometimes fastened with
rivets.  Some examples of this are Jaguar 120s, early 50s
Chevy, and some 30s to 50s Chrysler.

Other types of balancers may be stamped with "Metalastic" on
them.  We cannot presently rebuild these with our current
alignment jigs, fixtures, and materials.

Please be sure your balancer has not been previously rebuilt
with methods such as welding, brazing, epoxy, or
non-vulcanizing rubber.  These cannot be rebuilt as-is.

Balancers should always be removed with a balancer removal
tool whenever possible.  The proper tools allow force to be
applied on the inner hub and crankshaft instead of the balancer
ring.  Never use crowbars, wedges, hammers, gear pullers or
wheel pullers.