Services / Pricing


Rebuild               Starting at $ 95.00

Install Shaft
  Seal Sleeve        $ 25.00  (If Needed)

Freight                $ 11.00 - $ 15.00
A harmonic balancer is attached at the crankshaft and is used
to reduce the torsional vibration of an engine.  It is comprised
of the hub and an outer ring (normally weighted cast iron).  In
between the hub and ring is a layer of flexible rubber or
silicone.  This layer absorbs the vibration from the crankshaft.

It can deteriorate from age, heat, cold, oil, or chemical
exposure.  If a deteriorated balancer remains in use, it can
result in rear slippage and wear on the timing cover or forward
slippage and come of the hub entirely.  It can make timing
impossible or cause the crankshaft to develop cracks over time.

Our rebuilding service removes the old rubber or silicone and
cleans and bead blasts the bonding surface.  The hub is then
placed in an alignment jig that aligns the two parts vertically,
horizontally, and concentrically.  Our silicone polymer is
applied.  The hub is placed in a vacuum chamber to remove
any air. Then, the hub is placed into a lab oven, where the
silicone is vulcanized at over 350 deg. F.  

Outer shaft seal sleeves can also be fitted                                  
if the shaft is badly worn and/or pitted.

All of our work comes with a
3 Year Warranty.